4 steps to starting a green strategy

Many organizations don’t get going on a green strategy since it can be quite overwhelming. What does it mean to go green? Do I need to measure carbon emissions? How do I do that? Do I need a big budget to go green? Are we too small to go green? Getting caught up in trying to answer all the questions can be quite the big roadblock and discourage even the most passionate of us.

Don’t get caught up in the details. Just get going! Our planet needs our help right now, and even the smallest of steps are going to add up and make a difference. Once you have a few small wins, people will get inspired and it will snowball from there. You will soon realize that going green, means you are saving your company valuable resources. Then watch as your grass roots efforts gain the attention of the higher-ups looking for ways to cut costs and be more efficient. Green is not only great for the planet, but for business too.

Some easy first things to implement are:

  • Get together an informal “green team” of employees that want to make a difference in the company to share ideas and work on preliminary projects.
  • Set up an email alias that employees can send their green ideas to. Make sure someone is checking them and responding to them too!
  • Educate! Set up a bulletin board in the office with green tips and news. Or even send out a monthly electronic newsletter. Once you inspire people, your green strategy will take off.
  • Do an assessment like the free Softchoice EcoTech Assessment so that you can understand where you are today and then put together a plan based on what makes the most business sense for your organization.

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