Things to turn off before going away for the long weekend

If you’re like me every long weekend brings either a trip up to the cottage or to visit relatives out of town. As a homeowner you make sure your house is all locked up and secure. But what we forget to think about are the items that we leave plugged in. Most people think because an appliance is turned off it does not draw any energy.

The truth is they still do draw power, and in some cases they can draw up to 10 to 15 watts per device. Recent studies indicate that in the US alone, appliances left plugged in or on standby add $3 Billion in annual energy costs to US households.

You might think its appliances like coffee makers or toasters that are the biggest offenders for this, but in reality it is your home entertainment systems that are sucking the most energy when off. On average, a home entertainment center will use anywhere from 50 to 80 watts in just standby mode.

The worst piece of equipment is [Read more…]

Walking the talk on EPEAT and Energy Star products

Since the launch of Softchoice worlds first searchable EPEAT and Energy Star product registry, Softchoice has given IT purchasers the ability to easily identify and evaluate more than 2,300 unique products based on their environmental attributes. With 4,800 ENERGY STAR certified products to our website bringing our total roster of certified green IT products to more than 7,100. [Read more…]

Pay IT Green

In late 2009, Softchoice launched an E-billing program which was offered to all their customers. This program was specifically designed to reduce the invoicing.amount of paper used in customer

Internal records indicated 23.7% of all invoices created in 2010 were sent through the E-billing program which is equivalent to 87,435 invoices or 174,870 pages of paper.

The Softchoice E-billing program was able to…

  • Reduce 8.744 tonnes of carbon each year
  • Save 34.978 trees
  • Conserve 109,305.0 litres of waste water
  • Divert 1136.772KG of solid waste

Cell phone recycling for a great cause

In 2010 Softchoice partnered with the Toronto Zoo cell phone recycling program. The recycling program helped protect the rainforests of the former Republic of the Congo which was home to the western lowland gorillas and central chimpanzees. This area was also being mined for a metal called Coltan, the metallic ore used to produce the element tantalum. Used in a light weight metal powder form, Tantalum was able to hold a very high electrical charge and it became a vital element in creating the capacitors that controlled electric flow inside miniature circuit boards. These capacitors were used in almost all cell phones, laptops, pagers and other electronic devices.

While the e-waste sector was growing rapidly there was an increase of illegal and irresponsible mining, landfill restrictions and overuse were abound and health problems in developing countries related to mismanaged e-waste was of growing concern. The cell phone recycling program encouraged responsible waste management. [Read more…]

Softchoice 2010 Air Travel

The Air miles traveled by Softchoice employees for business in 2010 was 3,493,134.5 miles. This is a slight increase from previous year by 809,317 miles or 10.36%.  The reason for the increase of travel is due in part of the economy recovering in 2010 from the recession. The Air travel is well below the 2009 amount of 7,808,933 miles and is still a reduction of 55.27% from 2009.

To help to reduce the need to travel, Softchoice lunched two new video conference systems. [Read more…]

Technical Difficulties

Softchoice in 2010 made some key changes to their IT environment and network. These changes caused problems with two of your green initiatives that were released in 2008 and 2009.

Due to the theses changes Softchoice had to make the decision to remove the Faronic Power save and Printelligence programs from the network. We are currently looking at other programs to replace these reporting tools that are better fit to your current IT environment. Softchoice is committed to having replacement program in place shortly as it is part of your Green IT solution and power conservation commitment.