Trivia night raises $4,391 for Softchoice Cares

Thanks to everyone who participate in Trivia Night last Thursday!

We raised $4,391 for Softchoice Cares that night between the registration fees (which 100% went to the charity), Microsoft Raffle and the sponsors.

Congrats to Comic Sans for taking home the Grand Prize, and thanks to all the teams that continue to come out year after year for this event.

Thanks to our main sponsors: Trend Micro, IBM, Lexmark and Microsoft Hardware and to all the local Liberty Village Businesses that donated prizes: Power Yoga Canada, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, York Heritage Properties, Liberty Noodle, Chuck Burgers, Goodlife Fitness, GreenKite

The sordid story of electronics could have a happy ending

How many DVD players and mp3 players have you pitched when they have died suddenly or suddenly you were flush with extra cash and ready to treat yourself? I know that I have gone through a few $38.99  DVD players and have made some bad PC purchases which led me back to my local electronics shop for an upgrade.

I wonder where cast-away electronics end up. In my mind I picture them refurbished and enjoying a second life. But that’s not the case. One of my fellow marketers recently blogged about it. His post includes three shocking videos which shows where electronics really go to die. It ain’t pretty. Toxic chemicals from the West are polluting developing countries where the valuable parts are being harvested and the rest burned and dumped into water supplies. Not cool!

There are ways we can help and it’s easier than you think. Find out here.

Please sign on the electronic line

When I joined the Softchoice gym over a year ago I had to sign a 3-page form to release Softchoice from any liability. At this time we had quite a few employees sign up to use the new workout facilities, and therefore went through a ton of paper getting everyone on board.

Over the last year we’ve been talking about trying to get some of our internal paper processes to be done electronically instead. And it’s no easy feat. Our first email back from HR on the topic was: [Read more…]

Your 15mins of fame

Recognition is an essential element in our culture. Over the years Softchoice has developed a number of high-profile awards to encourage our people to set the bar high and reach for it every day. Open to all employees, the Softchoice President’s Club trip rewards the most outstanding individuals annually with an all-expense paid trip to an exotic location. While enjoying first-rate accommodations, fun activities and great food, President’s Club winners have plenty of time to interact with each other, as well as Softchoice’s President and senior leadership team. [Read more…]

Finding that right balance

Ensuring a healthy work/life balance among employees is an essential component of our success. To help reduce stress and promote overall health, we encourage our people to live an active lifestyle. We also have an employee gym on-site in our Toronto headquarters that is open for use seven days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Softchoice offers complete benefit packages, including allowances for massage and alternative medicine, as well eye care and full dental coverage. With respect to sick time, we recognize that the personal circumstances vary from one employee to the next. For this reason we do not maintain a stringent policy.

When employees fall ill, they are encouraged to stay at home and take care of themselves. This policy helps stop the spread of illness within the office and often leads to swifter recovery times. Should employees be away for more than five consecutive business days, they may be entitled to receive Short Term Disability pay at 100% of their base pay for a period of 30 days. Our Long Term Disability program covers employees at 60 percent of what they earned the previous year.
To reduce stress and help our people balance their home and professional lives, we also offer an employee assistance program (EAP). This program provides lifestyle and stress management expertise, in addition to personal counseling.

Want to add some “green” to your Annual Report?

As we head into the final quarter of the year, there’s always someone in your organization thinking about how to describe the organization’s successes this year for the Annual Report. Record sales, industry awards, new ventures are all news worthy developments…but what about green?  Large organizations tend to have an entire separate report dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility, but more and more organizations are just including a few key green initiatives in their main Annual Report.

But what if you don’t have anything to share? Many projects in IT are implemented for their business value, but have great green benefits too! You may have an amazing energy saving story right under your nose.