Who knew recycling is magic!

I was reading my 2011 recycling calendar produced by my city and found a really interesting article about the mysterious ways of recycling. I didn’t realize how many amazing transformations are the result of my “trash”.

Re-pulped newspapers can become shingles, ceiling tiles and egg trays. Even better, one ton of old newspapers save 19 trees. Tin cans go on to bigger  things as concrete reinforcing bars, chains, pipes and car parts…Saving 1.36 tons of iron ore ! And what goes around comes around; next time you burn a copy of your favorite show onto a DVD, you could be using your the last can of Heineken you enjoyed with aluminum drink cans being used to make Cd’s and DVDs.

There are so many things that can be reclaimed – the list is endless. Next time you put something in your blue bin, you could be seeing it for the second time very soon.

Step on that scale

No matter what you celebrate during this month, it’s the season of giving, eating and communing with friends and family. Come January you are going to be trying to find ways to squeeze back into those jeans (for me it’ll be spinning)  While you think about ways to get leaner in the New Year, think about your IT infrastructure. How can you cut down on your energy consumption and make your carbon footprint that much smaller?

This fantastic article I just read outlines how IT can be leaner and greener. It talks about how companies can navigate through the new paradigm we are living in.  It says “Green IT is about making innovations a part of mainstream business. Companies that want to survive will prepare for change and transform to stay competitive, by adopting new strategies and solutions.”

Want to learn more as you ponder next year and how you can make an impact that’ll help the planet? Check out the article here.

A scanner could be your apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is my go-to ingredient when I’m cooking. It adds an air mystery to  a cous cous, romances tarragon in a salad dressing. It teases the taste buds in potato salad. Not to mention it’s good for me.  My grandma swore by it.

Another thing I swear by – my scanner. I have saved tons of space because I don’t have to store paper – and I can save paper by scanning instead of faxing documents (if your clients and suppliers aren’t using e-forms yet but that’s another post!) I found this great article on how to get started. If you decide to save some space by scanning your documents – why not use the backs of those pages for scrap paper.  The Organized Life writes: “Ready to undertake your own paper scanning project? Step 1 is to get your hands on a reliable, easy-to-use scanner. Choose one that…read more

Everybody’s working for the weekend

The five o’clock stampede thunders through offices across the county. People to eager to start their weekend or evening , to catch their train, liberate little ones from daycare leave their workstations in a hurry. Many of them not taking the time to power down their workstations. This uses up a lot of energy unnecessarily – increasing energy costs and unnecessarily burdening the power grid.

It happens everywhere – so if your organization is facing this you are not alone. We found an article in the ITAM review about energy expended through desktops being left on and things you can do to alleviate the pressure. For instance, printers can also be shut off during non productive hours and like PCs and certain servers … read more.

Consumers are “meh” but retailers are “yeah”

Retailers are giving green the red light at the front-lines. Customer demand on green products is being met with apathy instead of enthusiasm. People don’t want to pay more for green products.

But there is hope on the operational side of things. Retailers and their corporate offices are seeing the value in green IT and sustainable business. It’s not only ethical, but it makes good business sense. In fact, 61% of retailers have expressed this in a recent RSR Research survey where  nearly 100 retailers finds that …read more.

Facebook listens to their friends

Facebook has taken recent criticism seriously about their energy consumption. They have joined their IT cohorts to do the right thing  and have cleared the air in their data center by using fans to create better airflow management as well as containing this cold air to keep it escaping in the floors. This makes their systems more efficient and dramatically cuts the amount of energy they are using.

What we did here isn’t rocket science,” said Jay Park, Facebook’s director of data center engineering. “We applied very basic thermal theory.” He was on a panel discussing…read more.