Unleashing the Hope within Rajasthan’s Local Youth

Unleashing the Hope within Rajasthan's Local Youth

Children scare me. Why and when this fear developed, I’m not 100% sure. I do find them cute, and I do care about kids, but the thought of the responsibility to raise a child tends to bring out the fear in me. Therefore, I typically avoid situations that involve being around kids when I can.

So when I learned that we were going to attend a youth center in India after a long and exhausting day of lifting bricks, the last ounce of my comfort zone was drained from me. [Read more…]

Softchoice Cares + 7 IT Companies = A future for 500

When I heard about the Softchoice Cares mission to Bali I was intrigued. The thought of twelve employees going half way around the world to build computer labs for local kids is pretty inspiring and rare. But I was even more amazed by the number of partners who were going out of their way to contribute. Servers, networking gear, laptops, software – you name it, it was being offered.  

As a newcomer to IT, I knew Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Lenovo, Faronics and Sophos as big powerful tech companies. But I never had a sense of the people behind these organizations. And I certainly didn’t appreciate the kind of difference these companies could make once they rallied around a cause that aligned so closely to their business.   [Read more…]

Five Steps for Achieving Your Goals in 2012

With January behind us, many of us have gotten back into a regular routine. But does that include the goals you’ve set for yourself (like staying fit) at the start of the year?  People’s commitment to personal goals seems to always drop off by February. In fact, according to a study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol in England, 88 percent of people fail at keeping New Year’s resolutions.

At Softchoice, the start of the year marks the time when employees set their professional GPS (Guiding People’s Success) goals. With their managers, employees create an action plan for how they are going to achieve them and work on accomplishing them throughout the year.

Unless you’ve got a system or people holding you accountable to staying on track, it’s hard to keep focused on achieving any type of goal. Life gets in the way, excuses are made, or we just give up.

So now that we’re into February and off the January “resolutions high,” here are five useful tips/tricks from a few Softchoice employees to help ensure you don’t become one of the 88 percent. [Read more…]