Why You Need to Modernize Your Warehouse and Supply Chain Communication

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The modern nature of warehouses and the need for fast, slick processes to meet shorter turnaround means that the idea of a manager just sitting in their corner office, only answering questions when workers come to the door, is a long way from reality. Managers now must be able to communicate with warehouse operatives one to one, at any time, as well as with multiple workers – in multiple parts of the warehouse – at once.

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You Can Empower Your Mobile Staff With Zebra Technologies

July01 - Empower Your staff

Q-Park manages thousands of car parks and parking spaces, for businesses, shopping centres, hotels, municipalities, airports and on public streets. Its attendants have very busy daily schedules.

Previously attendants had to juggle between devices, depending on the area they were patrolling, and often wait patiently for devices to process information or find a strong enough wireless connection. This was obviously affecting their efficiency, productivity and engagement.

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Bringing Retail Technology to the Wholesale Sector


Wildkamp, a leading technical wholesaler in the Netherlands, has launched Zebra Self-Scanning technology.

Wildkamp aimed to:

  • Replicate the successful retail model
  • Cut queues at peak times
  • Enhance the shopping experience
  • Have a flexible solution, which could also be used by its store staff to assist customers, check stocks, and manage reordering and inventory runs [Read more…]