Running on empty with Windows Server 2003? How to start your migration

Intel odometer blog image

It finally happened: in July this year Microsoft discontinued support for its enduringly popular Windows Server 2003. If they weren’t before, the alarm bells should be ringing now for organizations still running on this now-outdated and vulnerable platform – especially because critical patches and fixes for new vulnerabilities will no longer be provided.

Fortunately, there’s help at hand.

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Why more clients will refresh W2K3 servers with Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS for Microsoft Applications

What? A refresh? But servers last longer than ever! That’s true, but unless innovation slows down (ha ha) they will reach an inevitable point where they are more venerable than valuable. In the data center, this means tough and expensive decisions must be made.

In this blog post, I argue for Cisco’s UCS as a stable platform for Microsoft applications. Especially if you’re looking at Microsoft System Server 2012 and especially if you need to migrate from Windows Server 2003.

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