Long Live Windows 10: The Last OS You’ll Ever Buy

That’s right: Windows 10 is last operating system (OS) you’ll ever need to purchase.

After struggling to convince customers to make the switch from Windows 7 to version 8, Microsoft took an alternate approach to its latest version. Following Apple’s example, Microsoft has abandoned the notion of an operating system customers “own” in perpetuity.

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Getting ready for the end of Windows 7

Support for Windows 7 — arguably still the most popular OS on the market right now — is coming to an end. As of June 2018, nearly 40% of all PCs were still running Windows 7. Use of Windows 7 is even higher among businesses, at nearly 70%. [Read more…]

4 software renewal best practices to consider for your next hardware refresh


Organizations with Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA) should work closely with their Microsoft partners to maximize opportunities around license management and efficiencies over the term of their three-year contract. But did you know that several stages in the EA renewal process also offer excellent insights to reduce costs and better align your next hardware refresh to your strategy?

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