On again! Off again! What’s it going to be for the TouchPad? [HP]

Only weeks after we blogged about the TouchPad, HP announced a massive price drop for the TouchPads in stock and a retreat from the mobile market. Speculation has started to abound with HP’s recent news that they will be bringing back the TouchPad for one last hurrah to meet current demand. But is it a last hurrah? Todd Bradley, Executive Vice President for the Personal Systems Group has alluded to a possible return to the mobile market.

 Softchoice’s perspective is that HP realized very quickly that they had a major uphill climb in order to compete with the leading operating systems dominating the mobile space, Android and iOS. It was not going to be easy to sway mobile consumers from these two giants.

That’s not to say that webOS is bad. Palm users have long raved about the blend of beauty and functionality of webOS. It was well respected among technology pundits. It’s a solid and well architected operating system and HP isn’t letting go of it anytime soon. They recently announced their intentions to continue to develop and webOS applications and software.

So what does that mean for the tablet world – and more specifically, the corporate tablet? It seems to be a competition between operating systems with Android, iOS, QNX and soon late-comer Microsoft duking it out. [Read more…]

Why you need security experts to help with mobile device management [Symantec]

With more employees are bringing their personal mobile devices into work and expecting to use them —  an additional layer of security is needed to protect the corporate network.

But comparing mobile security to desktop security is like comparing apples to oranges. With so many different devices (and different versions of those devices) coming into an organization, security can get complicated.

So when it comes to securing mobile devices, it means enforcing security policies by managing the devices’ native security functionality (which is the case for Apple, Android and BlackBerry, while Windows Mobile and Symbian have specific third-party agents available).

But there are a lot of misconceptions about mobile security that can lead to a false sense of how secure your organization really is. Here are a few of the most common myths surrounding mobile security: [Read more…]