How Infrastructure Automation Cures Boredom and Breaches

When the benefits of Infrastructure Automation are discussed, the focus is usually on the bottom line. The human benefits aren’t talked about as frequently. Beyond cost-savings, at its best, Infrastructure Automation can help developers and IT staff feel better about what they do, and do it better, as a result. [Read more…]

In DevOps, too much freedom can be a bad thing.

DevOps Predicting Cloud Costs

There is a lot of buzz around Infrastructure Automation (IA) tools like the ones included in VMware vRealize Suite. So what is IA actually good for? How does it fit with DevOps? One thing is restricting freedom. That might sound a little weird. Let me explain. [Read more…]

VMworld 2016 news: The latest vRealize Suite updates

VMworld 2016 news: The latest vRealize Suite updates

Visibility of the physical and virtual layers of the data center is a thorn in the side of administrators. With a new release of vRealize Suite, VMware’s focus is aimed squarely at helping overcome that challenge.

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