Virtualization’s sprawl problem — and how to fix it 

Virtualization in general has been one of this most impactful technologies of the past few decades.  Beyond the advent of x86 computing and Microsoft Windows, I can’t think of any other technology that has so quickly transformed the industry.

Adoption has also been astounding — today most IT organizations virtualize, and most corporate applications exist within Virtual Machines.

There are, however, some unintended consequences to virtualization’s massive success.  Forget about these, and you risk missing out on all those promises.

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Why we love vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM)

Why we love VMware  vSphere with vSOM

So you’ve recently requested a quote for some vSphere licenses, or are looking to upgrade existing vSphere licenses to a higher-end edition. Alongside the vSphere quote you requested, we have also provided a second option for vSphere with Operations Management, vSOM. In this post, we explain why we think we’d be doing our clients a disservice if we didn’t include vSOM.

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