The #1 Data Center Optimization Pitfall (and How to Avoid It)

Avoid these common data center pitfalls

Congratulations! Successfully planning and transitioning to a modernized data center is a significant achievement. It will help you meet your business goals and serve your customers better. As you move into the optimization phase, it’s more important than ever to protect the integrity of your infrastructure. Being mindful of the number one pitfall and following strategies to avoid it, will help you keep your new system agile, effective, and secure.
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Video series: The top 3 virtualization issues – and the one tool to solve them

Spotlight on video series: Top 3 issues with virtualization and one tool to solve them

I filmed this short video series to talk about some issues IT organizations are facing, some tools from VMware that’ll help address those issues, and an assessment, led by our VMware specialists at Softchoice that will help organizations gain valuable insight into their virtualization environment.

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