How to Use Microsoft System Center & Veeam MP for vSphere to Improve Performance Management

Using Microsoft System Center & Veeam MP to Improve Performance Management

To manage a dynamic virtual infrastructure, datacenter administrators need tools to give them visibility, monitoring, performance data, capacity utilization, and more. To fill that need, there are numerous virtualization management tools available today that push new features and marketing messages, daily. However, there may be a tool that you have already purchased and already use on a daily basis that may be a strong contender for management of the VMware vSphere infrastructure.

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Three steps to better Disaster Recovery [Novell]

Disaster recovery (DR) planning is fraught with risk. Whether it’s under-scoping your environment or over- investing in capabilities, striking the right DR balance can be difficult.

But the stakes couldn’t be higher: your ability to quickly return to business as usual in the wake of a catastrophe can shape your organization for years to come and even be the crucial factor in its survival.

The need for clear, measurable and unmistakable objectives in the DR planning process cannot be exaggerated – this is how you will ensure that the solution will function as expected when you need it most.

In the last two years the importance of a rigorous approach has actually increased. Tight economic conditions have led to heightened competition in the face of shrinking IT budgets and constraints on corporate spending in general. IT manufacturers have to work harder to win your business, and it’s leading to new product development, feature enhancements for existing solutions and a redoubled commitment to services. [Read more…]