You Can Climb the GDPR Mountain with This Roadmap

Climbing GDPR

A large number of organizations are still unprepared for the General Data Protection Regulation. In a Veritas survey about GDPR readiness, 69% of respondents said they were still preparing for it. And, while the other 31% thought they were fully equipped, only 2% were truly compliant (Follow 100% of the GDPR requirements). [Read more…]

Webinar Summary: How Cloud Storage Lowers Costs and Increases Data Protection

Data is now the world’s most valuable resource – the new oil that is driving global economy and business decisions everywhere. It is the lifeblood of your business’s competitive advantage, and must always be accessible and protected. [Read more…]

How to Rein in Your Data in 3 Steps


You want all the advantages that come with being a data-driven business.

You recognize that data is the lifeblood of a company’s competitive advantage. The Economist now calls it the world’s most valuable natural resource. Data helps you to better serve customers, pinpoint where to cut costs, identify risks and opportunities.

[Read more…]