The Help You Need Selecting Thin Clients [HP]

As IT leaders increasingly look to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to deliver cost savings and productivity, it’s more important than ever to select the best thin-client endpoints to get the job done.

VDI promises huge upsides, from lowering OPEX to simplifying asset management. But, if the endpoints are mismatched with the needs of users, those benefits may never come to fruition. And in some cases, the project may fail at the proof of concept stage.

While there are numerous options for thin-client manufacturers, HP has attractive, cutting-edge offerings for businesses. To help better understand this option, here are a few highlights of how HP delivers an optimal VDI implementation.

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Virtual Desktops Get the Security Once-Over From Trend Micro & VMware

Two technology leaders team up to make virtual desktops as secure as physical ones.

Fresh off the success of server virtualization, organizations everywhere are taking the next big step to cloud computing migration, pulling the OS and applications off their physical desktops and managing OS, applications and data virtually.

Like other virtualization before it, desktop virtualization – or VDI – goes a long way to addressing the big elephants in the data center: cost, complexity and security.

On the security front in particular, Trend Micro – the leader in virtualization security – has teamed up with VMware to offer organizations security that’s specifically optimized for virtual desktop environments. That’s important because by sticking with traditional security solutions, enterprises risk limiting their consolidation rates and reducing system performance, not to mention spending a lot more time managing the solution without the confidence that virtual workloads and data are adequately protected. All this can mean compromising the success of a desktop virtualization project.

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Unsung hero: Why the storage behind your virtual desktop matters [Dell]

What would Sherlock Holmes be without Watson? Captain Kirk without Spock? Fred without Barney? The same can be said about desktop virtualization. Why? it turns out that virtual desktops technology isn’t worth a hill of beans without the proper storage infrastructure supporting it in the background.

Organizations making the shift to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) want to ensure implementations don’t get bogged down in inadequate performance, a poor user experience, costly deployments or complex management. It turns out reliable storage is a core component of an efficient VDI environment and choosing the right storage solution is a key pillar in your VDI deployment’s success.

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