Unsung hero: Why the storage behind your virtual desktop matters [Dell]

What would Sherlock Holmes be without Watson? Captain Kirk without Spock? Fred without Barney? The same can be said about desktop virtualization. Why? it turns out that virtual desktops technology isn’t worth a hill of beans without the proper storage infrastructure supporting it in the background.

Organizations making the shift to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) want to ensure implementations don’t get bogged down in inadequate performance, a poor user experience, costly deployments or complex management. It turns out reliable storage is a core component of an efficient VDI environment and choosing the right storage solution is a key pillar in your VDI deployment’s success.

The top three features to look for in your VDI storage sidekick include: [Read more…]

A virtualization platform to meet daily expectations & long-term needs. [ Cisco ]

Stop for a minute. That’s probably one of the last things you or your IT environment can afford to do right now. But stop and consider, big picture, even for just an instant how profoundly virtualization is changing our workspace environment and how quickly. Workers – a good 25% of them in a typical enterprise, in fact – are no longer chained to desks in a central office. They work from airport lounges, homes, hotel rooms, in their cars and on public transit. A lot of this mobility has been made possible by mobile devices and other enterprise applications and collaboration tools you’ve likely implemented or are in the process of implementing in your environment.

But those tools and technologies are also creating newer challenges, greater demands and increased expectations from your workforce and decision makers, including: [Read more…]

Already sold on VDI? Think about this [Citrix, Microsoft]

If you are already sold on VDI, you still face at least one more tough decision: which platform is best for you?

There are plenty of quality offerings out there, all with pros and cons. Depending on your current environment some solutions will work better than others. In this issue, we cover a mash-up in the virtual desktop game – the Microsoft-Citrix VDI combo – and see which organizations fit the profile.


Do you fit the profile for a virtualized desktop environment with Microsoft and Citrix? According to Softchoice Enterprise Architect Mark Wall much of it comes down to what kind of shop you have already.

There are several benefits to keeping it in the family and not exploring a new environment. Not least of which are the savings on training costs and the ease of adopting an already familiar technology.

“Microsoft Hyper-V gives you a common platform your Windows admins will be used to and find easy to manage,” says Wall. “If I already have people who know Windows environments inside out, I don’t want to go spend a boatload on training to get this done.” [Read more…]