4 Common Oracle Licensing Errors to Avoid – and How to Fix Them


Softchoice has expertise in managing licensing for many organizations across North America, covering many different licensing solutions and programs. One trend that we’ve noticed is that Software license audits are on the rise.

The problem is many organizations I encounter are not prepared for an audit from a software manufacturer. Many find software licensing to be complex, and have not implemented the correct deployment and auditing tools. They also see very little benefit to their daily operations.

I find that many organizations struggle with software licensing in four primary areas. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prepare your organization. To illustrate these activities, we’re going to use Oracle as a reference example. [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Migrate Unix to Linux [SUSE]

You can probably relate to this scenario. Your hardware, OS or applications have reached end-of-life, and you need to deploy new software that’s not supported on your current (legacy) platform. You’re tired of being stuck with a proprietary, single-provider IT strategy, and want one that’s based on open source, open standards, and multiple vendors.

You like freedom, you’ve considered the options, and you’ve decided to migrate from Unix to Linux. Are you doing it for the right reasons? Our team provides five reasons to migrate Unix to Linux, and how SUSE solutions will help with this transition.

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Dealing with the Itanium Fallout – Part 2 [IBM]

Oracle’s decision in March to end software development on in Intel Itanium-based systems has a lot of IT decision makers taking another hard look at ways to improve their environment, lower costs and reduce the risk of future disruptions.

For those who want to stay on UNIX and remain loyal to Oracle software, moving to IBM Power/AIX is proving to be the clear choice.

IBM Power7 has the industry leading UNIX solution, offering better price for performance than comparable systems from Sun. Power Systems has over a 20-year history of technology innovations, and IBM has built a steady track record in Power’s road map during the past five years, gaining steady market share – in fact, IBM has gained 12 points of market share in the $14 billion UNIX space since 2005 and saw its server revenues grow 22.1% in the first quarter.

When it comes to performance, results on the new Power7 benchmarks such as Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark C (TPCC), SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) and SPEC rates (integer and floating-point) range from 1.5 time to 2.5 time better than its closest competition.

In addition to performance, [Read more…]