Speeding the Future of Storage: EMC’s Latest Releases

Speeding the Future of Storage: EMC’s Latest Releases

EMC has just unveiled a string of new releases that offer a look into the evolving future of storage, the potential gains of using of Flash, as well as the growth of the “software defined” storage environment and push toward simplified management and control.

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Free eBook: A Better Way To Allocate and Manage Shared Storage [EMC]

There’s a better way to allocate and manage storage

Limited IT budgets, constant demand for 24 × 7 access to information and growing unstructured data got you down? You’re not alone. It’s for these reasons and more that many organizations are making the switch to a virtualized environment. The trick is shared storage brings about a host of other complexities involving management, provisioning, allocation and support for virtual clients.

So how do organizations move to shared storage without adding unnecessary complexities and inefficiencies?

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Are you smarter than this 4th grader? With the new VNX, you don’t need to be. [EMC]

When EMC announced it had developed and launched the easiest-to-use unified storage solution in the world, it – tongue-in-cheek, at least – put its money where its mouth was with this spot showing a Bill-Gates-meets-Harry-Potter 4th-grader easily configuring a VMWare storage group in under a minute.


Jokes and clever marketing ploys aside, EMC is onto something. The new VNX family of unified storage solutions is arguably the world’s simplest, providing application-optimized management and single-click help and support. For instance, its VNXe (entry) series – affordably designed for small and medium-sized businesses, department level storage solutions for enterprise and remote or branch offices – is ideal for the IT Manager that doesn’t specialize in storage.

In fact, the highly scalable VNX series is so simple it delivers 3X simpler management, efficiency and performance than current EMC midrange storage systems:

  • It’s indeed unified: One platform easily handles all applications, from file and block to object data services, helping users gain up to 50% capacity savings. You can even take a step-by-step approach, starting with file or block and upgrading to unified storage when the time or budget is right.
  • It’s optimized for virtual applications with VMWare, Hyper-V integration, offering triple the speed of virtualized SQL, Oracle workloads and booting up to 500 virtual desktops in 8 minutes. Um, fast. [Read more…]