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As IT organizations shift to providing services through an elastic, self-service, pay-as-you-go cloud computing model, they must still continue to support applications running in bare-metal and virtualized environments. We have identified three major problems that are key to overcoming data center infrastructure challenges.

1.)    Too many devices need setting up, management, power, cooling, and cabling

Rack-mount servers don’t scale up well when you have hundreds or thousands of them, setting them up is a process and managing things like firmware updates are all time consuming tasks. In order for IT to increase efficiency removing tasks like the ones above are an important part of the process for improving data center management.

2.)    Increasing cost of ownership of equipment in the data center

Time consuming and difficult management processes like the ones previously mentioned each contribute to increasing ownership costs. Server administration, KVM switches, large amounts of network drops per host, complex troubleshooting and not to mention integrating different brands or models of components all contribute to high costs.

3.)    The need to scale and roll out new services faster

Meeting rising demands on your servers by rolling out new ones is yet another time consuming aspect of data center infrastructure management. Servers also need [Read more…]