Easily manage data protection and recovery in virtual environments [IBM]

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“Virtualized servers,” STORAGE Magazine reported in its December 2010 issue, “have been a boon to the systems side of the house, but a bane for storage managers.”

That’s because, while virtualization has transformed the way data centres and remote offices are managed, reducing floor space, driving up utilization metrics, and enabling new levels of service management and operational flexibility, the one measure that has not been reduced is the amount of data that’s created and managed. It continues to grow and grow and grow. [Read more…]

Winning storage: Turning the spotlight on storage virtualization [IBM]

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You might say storage virtualization is the Emilio Estevez of enterprise IT. It’s at least as capable as its brother, server virtualization, a.k.a. Charlie Sheen, plus it may be easier to work with and offer more value for the money, yet server virtualization somehow manages to hog all the attention.


Well, it might finally be Emilio’s—I mean, Storage Virtualization’s time to bask in the spotlight. What’s changed? The down economy, for starters. In this healing time, any approach that can help offset capital costs is welcome news to continually budget-strapped IT departments. And more and more IT pros are asking themselves “hey, if I can get economies of scale by virtualizing my servers, why can’t I get the same savings by doing the same to my storage?” [Read more…]