Virtual Desktops Get the Security Once-Over From Trend Micro & VMware

Two technology leaders team up to make virtual desktops as secure as physical ones.

Fresh off the success of server virtualization, organizations everywhere are taking the next big step to cloud computing migration, pulling the OS and applications off their physical desktops and managing OS, applications and data virtually.

Like other virtualization before it, desktop virtualization – or VDI – goes a long way to addressing the big elephants in the data center: cost, complexity and security.

On the security front in particular, Trend Micro – the leader in virtualization security – has teamed up with VMware to offer organizations security that’s specifically optimized for virtual desktop environments. That’s important because by sticking with traditional security solutions, enterprises risk limiting their consolidation rates and reducing system performance, not to mention spending a lot more time managing the solution without the confidence that virtual workloads and data are adequately protected. All this can mean compromising the success of a desktop virtualization project.

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Secure your journey to the cloud [ Trend Micro & VMware ]

Secure the cloudConsider this: in spite of the proven benefits of virtualization in terms of consolidation, increased availability, up-time, ease of management and cost savings, organizations are still only virtualizing about 20% of their environment.

What’s holding them back from realizing the full benefits of virtualization?

According to Gartner,1 security and privacy are by far the foremost concern – more than performance, immaturity and regulatory compliance. In fact, 74% of decision makers say security concerns are the number one reason they’re most hesitant about moving to the cloud.

In the traditional data center, perimeter security controls like Firewalls, DMZs, network segmentation and monitoring tools were enough. But the inability of physical segregation and hardware-based security to deal with attacks between virtual machines on the same server is cause for concern. So too is the fact that, as virtual machines extend to public clouds, the enterprise network security perimeter is all but evaporating.

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Mind the gap with security in your virtualized data center [Trend Micro]

Previously we gave a high level view of securing a virtual environment. We talked about security gaps in the post and one of the biggest gaps is the lack of visibility between virtual machines on the same server.

In a physical world, you have a network based Firewall and possibly a Unified Threat Management device securing the physical gateway into your network. What happens when you go virtual and the traffic doesn’t leave the physical host? Your Network IDS/IPS is rendered useless as it’s blind to interVM traffic.

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