3PAR vs. EVA: Which Storage Solution Offers More Value? [HP]

3PAR vs. EVA: Which Storage Solution Offers More Value?

When HP completed the acquisition of 3PAR in September, 2010 for $2.35 billion, it was unclear what HP would do with 3PAR’s product line. HP already had a competing product in their EVA!

3PAR was the first to bring storage virtualization to the market and were a leader in thin provisioning. Many speculated that HP would have to end their EVA product line as both EVA and 3PAR were mid-to-high range products with overlapping features.

Instead of ending the HP EVA product line or ending 3PAR’s products (and just taking their intellectual property), HP continues to support and sell both 3PAR and EVA product lines to mid and high range enterprise customers.

Confused? Enterprises are still trying to figure out how these two similar products compare, and how to decide which solution will drive the best outcomes. Let’s quickly compare 3 points: terminology, architecture, capabilities and I’ll give you my recommendations.

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eBook: Dell Compellent lets you spend less time managing your data [Dell]

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Dell Compellent storage is an enterprise data storage array that delivers high performance with fewer drives, power and space. With Compellent being utilized any organization can save time and reduce human error with its built-in intelligence and automation which streamline data management. Compellent has advanced space-efficient snapshot technology that protects organizations against needless downtime which translates into dollars lost.

Dell Compellent storage systems can help address 8 common data storage issues.

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The Skinny on Thin Provisioning [HP]

No, thin provisioning doesn’t mean you can expect to see a supermodel on your next issue of PC World. But it is technology that will get you noticed by the number guys at your organization because it’ll save them a lot of money – in fact, according to HP 3PAR, their Thin Technology can save you 50% or more on the cost of storage, meet Green IT targets and decrease administration time by 90%.

First off, what the heck is thin provisioning? Well, what hypervisors did for server utilization, thin technologies can do for storage capacity utilization. On legacy arrays, when so-called fat volumes are copied (hey it’s nothing personal), the extra space within those volumes is also copied. And volume copies created for data recovery compound this waste by replicating the empty space another time.

A variety of technologies that make up the HP 3PAR Utility Storage platform dramatically reduce overall capacity requirements and keep utilization rates high. For instance features eliminate the replication of unused space within base volumes and copies. That means you won’t just minimize up-front and ongoing storage costs, you’ll also keep a lid on the cost of housing, powering, cooling and managing your storage system. [Read more…]