Get Your Point Across Quickly with Visual Content

If you’ve ever written public-facing anything, or “copy”, as we call it in the marketing world — whether it’s an internal email or a public-facing blog post — you want to believe that people meticulously read every. single. word.

It’s more likely, though, that readers are merely skimming your content. In fact, according to research, users will read only about 20% of the text on an average page. [Read more…]

Intelligent Content Practices in Video and Image Creation

Most marketing and content teams face intense pressure to produce high volumes of high-quality content. The tactics and formats can span an immense range. On any given day, a team may be working on landing pages, website copy, technical documentation, videos, graphics, blog posts, and more.
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YouTube vs. Vimeo: What’s the Difference?

At TechSmith, our goal is to help content creators take advantage of the power of video in their daily jobs.

But, making the video is just half of the equation.

Choosing where you host your video content is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the planning process.

Today, we pit YouTube vs. Vimeo!

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