How to Use Microsoft System Center & Veeam MP for vSphere to Improve Performance Management

Using Microsoft System Center & Veeam MP to Improve Performance Management

To manage a dynamic virtual infrastructure, datacenter administrators need tools to give them visibility, monitoring, performance data, capacity utilization, and more. To fill that need, there are numerous virtualization management tools available today that push new features and marketing messages, daily. However, there may be a tool that you have already purchased and already use on a daily basis that may be a strong contender for management of the VMware vSphere infrastructure.

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How to manage Apple in a Microsoft World

New devices and OS adoption in the enterprise is booming. In one example, one of the largest premium Exchange hosting providers discovered that 57% of ActiveSync activations were to iPhones and 21% were to iPads. Apple’s Mac Business sales grew 51% at the end of 2011. You are likely looking to accommodate these devices in your organization if you aren’t already. What you may not know is how well all of these devices can work with your Microsoft network and applications.

Did you know that over the last few releases Apple has added the following features: DFS Support, Profile Server, Captive Network Detection, Cisco VPN… to name a few? Did you know that you can use Microsoft System Center 2012 platform Configuration Manager to manage your mobile devices? [Read more…]

Sharing is Caring! System Center 2012 Update Slideshare


Great news for System Center 2012 customers. With the aim of making System Center more cloud-friendly, Microsoft has made changes to the way that the licensing model for this popular product works. What used to be an extremely complex licensing system has been made much easier for clients to understand and manage. View our slideshare for a quick overview of what these key updates are and work with a Softchoice Microsoft specialist to understand your needs under this new model moving forward.