Updated! 3 Reasons It’s Time to Get Creative with Adobe Licences (special offer inside)

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriptions

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You’ve always maintained individual licenses for your business-critical software.

If your organization is in one of many verticals that use design tools, there’s a good chance Adobe products are on that list. Like many vendors, Adobe has moved to pure subscription licensing with Creative Cloud.

Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprises offers enterprise-level capability, efficiency, and security. The subscription model allows for simple license management from a single point of control.

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Why Autodesk’s upcoming licensing changes make Subscription a really smart choice

Why Autodesk's upcoming licensing changes make Subscription a really smart choice

Autodesk has announced to Softchoice that a major change is coming which will affect how clients acquire and maintain its software.

As of February 1, 2015, clients will no longer have the option to purchase an “upgrade SKU” for out-of-date software titles. Instead, clients will have two choices: Paying the full price to get the most recent version, or opting for Subscription. Autodesk is making this policy change to better align with the needs and buying preferences of customers choosing to use Subscription as a preferred method of maintaining Autodesk’s software.

In our team’s opinion, even if you aren’t refreshing your Autodesk software every year, choosing Subscription offers you significant savings. For example, if you only refresh once after three years, you’d still save over $650 with Subscription. Here’s how this works.

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How The Cloud Is Changing Application Delivery To the Client [Adobe, Autodesk]

Life used to be much simpler for IT departments. There were clients, there was a data center, and there were server-based applications that end-users accessed in a controlled, secure manner.

No longer — that environment is changing radically, with a movement toward mobile and cloud. End-users want consumer and corporate apps available on any device, from any location. If they’re working on their tablets, they want data to be instantly available on other devices or to share with colleagues or external clients, whether or not they’re sitting in the office.

Off-the-shelf software is becoming as archaic as Atari consoles or 8-tracks. You used to buy licenses and CDs, install the software on desktops, and set up a file-sharing system for end-users. employees had one standard operating system on their desktops, and each desktop had a user profile and applications.

The cloud is changing every software vendor’s approach to delivering applications, and we’re seeing licensing move toward micro-subscriptions. Two recent software releases — Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 and Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 — are examples of how this environment is changing. And the impact goes beyond licensing or the client.

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