A Deeper Dive into Hybrid Storage

A Deeper Dive into Hybrid Storage

Editors note: this blog is a deep-dive follow up to our previous post: How To Supercharge Your Storage, Without The Super Charge.

All-flash arrays are the all-electric Tesla cars of the data center. While a fully-electric car offers the highvehicle, they are expensive to purchase. So, many car buyers choose a hybrid car to keep the fuel efficiency without the high cost. In the data center, all-flash storage arrays are great for applications that require millions of IOPS. However, in most cases, a more affordable hybrid storage array is a much better fit.

Read on to find out how hybrid storage is both a fast and economical storage option for the abundance of business applications running in data centers today.

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How to supercharge your storage – without the super charge

How to supercharge your storage - without the super charge

Faster processors and hungrier applications demand that data be provided in higher volume and without delay. Flash storage solves the performance problem, but at a high price. High capacity disks solve the space problem, but only if performance is not critical.

One way to speed storage is to replaces slower HDDs with SSDs for databases and other high-performance applications, and assign high-capacity disks for the rest. That approach may meet an immediate need, but it leads to additional complexity and skyrocketing costs as IT has to purchase, manage and protect separate storage systems.

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3PAR vs. EVA: Which Storage Solution Offers More Value? [HP]

3PAR vs. EVA: Which Storage Solution Offers More Value?

When HP completed the acquisition of 3PAR in September, 2010 for $2.35 billion, it was unclear what HP would do with 3PAR’s product line. HP already had a competing product in their EVA!

3PAR was the first to bring storage virtualization to the market and were a leader in thin provisioning. Many speculated that HP would have to end their EVA product line as both EVA and 3PAR were mid-to-high range products with overlapping features.

Instead of ending the HP EVA product line or ending 3PAR’s products (and just taking their intellectual property), HP continues to support and sell both 3PAR and EVA product lines to mid and high range enterprise customers.

Confused? Enterprises are still trying to figure out how these two similar products compare, and how to decide which solution will drive the best outcomes. Let’s quickly compare 3 points: terminology, architecture, capabilities and I’ll give you my recommendations.

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