Tip Of The Databerg: 80% Of Your Data Is Unknown Or Redundant [Video]

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Anyone who’s sailed the North Atlantic in winter or spring knows how massive icebergs can be. Yet about 90% of their mass is underwater. The same thing can be said about an organizational databerg.

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Taking the pressure out of storage growth – with compression. [IBM]

Economic growth might still be in super slo-mo but the rollout of new products and services, digitization of content, the rapid growth of unstructured data, expanded use of rich digital content and acquisitions are all still contributing to storage growth within network attached storage (NAS) environments.

In response, organizations have looked at storage efficiency technologies like deduplication and thin provision but have found these only partially successful at stemming the growth in storage.

Now many have begun taking a hard look at measures like compression to contain their storage footprint and accommodate data growth. One product out there getting a lot of buzz is IBM’s Real-Time Compression solution, which reduces utilization and costs by providing online storage optimization through real-time data compression with no impact on performance.

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