The Game Has Changed: A Flexible, Affordable, Simple Single Box Solution [Oracle]

Oracle’s new Database Appliance is a game changer in its ability to accommodate and support growing organizations in their uncertainty.

For most organizations, all signs point to growth and expansion in 2012. But the great recession has left budgets slashed, staffing resources limited, and the scope and pace of that growth uncertain. IT directors are faced with sourcing technology options that accommodate SCALABILITY and FLEXIBILITY more than ever before.

You know that growth is coming, but you aren’t sure how much growth or how rapidly. You know that you need additional storage, software and servers, but you aren’t sure how soon or how broadly. You know that your hardware is outdated and you’re short on staff to help implement and manage new installation, but you aren’t sure how to best leverage your investment.

For the first time, Oracle presents a complete fully integrated engineered high availability database solution that offers:

  • Plug and go installation
  • One button configuration
  • Consolidated databases
  • Fully redundant hardware
  • Continuous availability
  • Pay as you grow licensing
  • Single vendor support

How does this help you meet the mission?

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Sharing is Caring! System Center 2012 Update Slideshare


Great news for System Center 2012 customers. With the aim of making System Center more cloud-friendly, Microsoft has made changes to the way that the licensing model for this popular product works. What used to be an extremely complex licensing system has been made much easier for clients to understand and manage. View our slideshare for a quick overview of what these key updates are and work with a Softchoice Microsoft specialist to understand your needs under this new model moving forward.


Big changes for Creative Suite Licensing [Adobe]

It used to be that you could upgrade your Adobe Creative Suite software from three versions back. So if you had Adobe CS2, you could get Adobe CS5 for the cost of an upgrade, which is a lot less than the full license.

This is going to change.

When Creative Suite 6 rolls out, only organizations with CS5 or higher will be eligible for upgrade pricing, all other versions will require new CS6 licenses.

If you’re organization has earlier versions of Creative Suite, there’s a way to save money and enjoy the benefits of having the most up-to-date version.

Right now Adobe and Softchoice are offering a discount on CS5.5 upgrades from versions as early as CS2 until December 31, 2011. Upgrading now will entitle your organization to upgrade pricing when Creative Suite 6 is released. It will save you 60% off the cost of buying new licenses in the future. [Read more…]