4 Common Oracle Licensing Errors to Avoid – and How to Fix Them


Softchoice has expertise in managing licensing for many organizations across North America, covering many different licensing solutions and programs. One trend that we’ve noticed is that Software license audits are on the rise.

The problem is many organizations I encounter are not prepared for an audit from a software manufacturer. Many find software licensing to be complex, and have not implemented the correct deployment and auditing tools. They also see very little benefit to their daily operations.

I find that many organizations struggle with software licensing in four primary areas. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prepare your organization. To illustrate these activities, we’re going to use Oracle as a reference example. [Read more…]

VMware Support & Subscription Renewals: 5 Things You Should Know

VMware SNS Renewals: Part 1

Have you received a notice from VMware that your licenses are up for renewal? Do you feel unsure if renewing your licenses is really worth it? If you plan on renewing your VMware subscriptions, the paperwork can be an administration nightmare, especially at a larger organization.

Here’s what you need to know:

VMware Support and Subscription (SnS) is broken into 2 categories:

1. Technical Support: Technical assistance from VMware Global Support Services (GSS) to a customer for installation, errors and analysis of problem reports. This support varies based on the service level contracted. Support channels include phone support, email support and online self-help resources.

 2.Subscription: The provision of major, minor and maintenance releases of the software and any corresponding documentation. Renewing your contract on time each year ensures that you can continue to receive software support and bug fixes/updates. Below, I explain 5 points to ponder for a smooth renewal process,  and discuss what to expect when you call Softchoice  about VMware Licenses

[Read more…]

SnS Renewals Explained: Frequently Asked Questions [VMware]

VMware SNS renewals explained: Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series, I explained 5 points to ponder for a smooth renewal process, and discussed what to expect when you call Softchoice about VMware LicensesIn this post, I offer answers to frequently asked questions about VMware SnS renewals and provide lots of choice for SnS support options.

Quick start! I want to…

  • Get answers to very specific questions about VMware Global Support Services (GSS). Please view the 2012 VMware Tech Support Guide.
  • Compare all of my options for VMware General Support offerings. This link allows you to sort by support offerings, support by product and (my personal favorite) a drop down menu with every category and all of your options.
  • Review the VMware, Inc. Support and Subscription Services “SnS” Terms and Conditions.