SAM WARS: Episode 1 – The Phantom License


Turmoil has engulfed the IT department. The licensing of software critical to outlying lines of business is under dispute…

When it comes to software licensing, the worst-case scenario is the dreaded vendor audit. The risk is real and it’s not a scare tactic. A Gartner analysis from 2014 showed that 68% percent of companies would face at least one audit in the next year. [Read more…]

Want better Oracle performance? It’s all about Software Asset Management. [IBM]

If you’re like a lot of businesses – big and small – you’re running Oracle and probably feeling the pain. Managing Oracle is a well-known challenge, but the fact is there are ways to ease a lot of that pain and optimize your Oracle performance and cost.

What’s the problem?

The most common headaches include licensing complexity and restrictive support policies making for a Software Asset Management (SAM) nightmare. For instance, for the majority of customers in the UNIX marketplace, Oracle is licensed for every core in their server and on each and every one running Oracle Software. Trouble is the average UNIX server utilization rate is only around 20% so a typical data center customer loses about 80% of licenses to underutilized severs – and untold dollars.

Plus, Oracle normally resides on Sun HW, which may run at a fraction of efficiency of other major platforms like IBM POWER 7. For example, IBM’s TPC-C (transaction processing) benchmark result is the industry’s highest and more than 35% better than Oracle’s best performance, 2.7 times better performance per core and 41% better price performance.

What’s the solution?

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