Elite x3: Could a Phone Replace Your Work PC?

HP Elite X3

How App Virtualization Makes This Possible

Two years ago, Wired Magazine predicted the smartphone could replace the PC as your only computing device. Could this prediction now be coming true, even in a work context? [Read more…]

Softchoice’s Security Expert Reviews the Blackberry Q10

Security Expert Stephen Perciballi Reviews Blackberry Q10

One of the perks working closely with the Blackberry team is getting our hands on new devices. I’ve been using the Z10 since November and have been really enjoying it. A review and video can be found here.

Many of the people I’ve been working with have been anxiously awaiting the latest BlackBerry with full, physical qwerty keyboard. It’s here, and probably exactly as you would expect. There are lots of great things in the new BlackBerry 10 operating system that have already been covered. For this post we will focus on the new device.

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Smartphones: Mixing Business with Pleasure [McAfee]

Protecting devices that have personal and corporate data on them.

People are 15 times more likely to lose a mobile phone than a laptop, making loss the biggest threat to mobile users. But it’s not hardware replacement costs that pose the greatest risk.

After all, as consumerization and BYO trends take hold in the business world, personal smartphones have become an important tool used by organizations to keep employees connected and productive. Smartphones are increasingly brimming not just with vacation pics and Angry Birds scores but with corporate data.

That means these devices don’t just give employees more freedom to work when, where and how they like. They’re also a potential entry point for abuse and unauthorized access to corporate networks and potentially sensitive information.

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