How Cisco’s Smart Collector Security Architecture protects your sensitive network data


cisco smart net total care security softchoice

As clients work with Softchoice to evaluate whether Smart Net Total Care will provide what they need, the inevitable question arises: how secure is my sensitive network data? Read on and get a quick reference guide for Smart Net Total Care security, including collection, transmission, processing storage and viewing.

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Cisco’s Smart Net Total Care can be a life saver — but it’ll take work

Cisco's Smart Net Total Care can be a life saver -- but it'll take work

Editors note: Due to popular demand, this blog post has been refreshed with an additional webinar event titled 3 Actions to Consider from Cisco Support Contract Changes on June 14th, 2016. Click here to register.

You might have heard about Cisco’s newly branded Smart Net Total Care service — a merger of its existing SMARTnet support and a suite of “smart” tools, designed to maximize self-service control, insight and security of all your network devices.

But what you probably haven’t heard is just how challenging it can be for organizations to take advantage of these new smart services, even if they are are already entitled to it as previous SMARTnet subscribers.

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