Virtualizing mixed storage environments [IBM]

The furious pace of data growth – according to Gartner, 650% over the next five years – has led IT decision makers to react by quickly expanding their storage hardware, creating a variety of heterogeneous environments. Unfortunately those environments often work disparately, reducing productivity, disrupting migrations and leading to a whole host of other challenges.

For instance, if you have an IBM DS4700 SAN at 90% utilized and an HP EVA4400 at 30%, you can’t share resources between the two.

This sort of dilemma has led IT pros to the conclusion that it isn’t simply about more storage but rather smarter and more efficient use of storage – which is where virtualization comes in.

While storage virtualization enables large-scale consolidating of heterogeneous storage environments few midrange offerings out there can actually virtualize mixed storage environments easily and effectively – that was, until IBM® Storwize® V7000. [Read more…]