Microsoft Shapes the Future of US Students

Shape the Future Provides US Schools Access to Special Pricing on Windows & Intel-based Devices

Back in November 2013, I came home to find my monthly issue of Wired waiting for me. The cover featured a young girl in a school uniform with “The Next Steve Jobs” in big bold text. The article told an amazing story about a teacher who introduced new classroom methods to his students in an impoverished city in Mexico. Those methods resulted in unprecedented national test scores for the school.

In true Wired fashion, the article covered additional topics including research that questioned current curriculum learning standards in place, and schools/individuals around the world who are conducting research on how children learn, grow, and develop. Of all the topics covered, what I related to the most was the mention of Sugata Mitra’s tests, in which he provided children in India with access to a laptop connected to the Internet and watched as they developed intellectually in a short period of time.

A laptop with Internet access has the power to unleash the potential of individuals young and old. But technology costs money. For some schools, even in first world countries, budgets limit the access to that technology. Thankfully, Microsoft is doing all it can to provide students with the latest Intel-based laptop and desktop devices.

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