IBM’s Frank Morassutti on Server Virtualization’s Spread into the Data Center

IBM’s Frank Morassutti On Sever Virtualization’s Spread Into The Data Center

IBM’s Top Gun Frank Morassutti recently visited Softchoice, and we had a chance to sit down with him and discuss the data center trends, server commoditization, server virtualization and how IBM’s System X solution fits into the picture.

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A 3 Minute Guide to VSPEX [ EMC ]

What the heck is VSPEX all about anyway?

VSPEX is a very secure, clear path to the private cloud. Translation: it provides customers with a virtualization solution that allows for flexibility when selecting storage, compute, data protection, server, networking and server and desktop virtualization software. This is done by leveraging a reference architecture. This is a fancy way of saying that EMC has done all of the leg work by certifying a range of hardware and software components that will work with your private cloud.

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