The Fad That’s Become The Unstoppable Force [Citrix, Cisco]

How BYO programs and desktop virtualization are helping IT fearlessly get ahead of the consumerization trend.

Consider these recent statistics:

  • In the last year, sales of smartphones and tablets exceeded those of PCs for the first time. By 2013, they will be more than double
  • 52% of employees now work 1 to 2 days a week outside the office. Nearly 80% work out of the office at least at some point during the week
  • 1/3 of employees are using unsanctioned apps on their corporate PCs
  • 42% of employees use three different computing devices – PCs, tablets, smartphones – in any given day

For years, IT trends usually emerged in the business world and eventually trickled down to consumers. PCs were a good example of this. But today, the tail is wagging the dog, with consumers purchasing computing devices often better than the ones they’re issued at work, then asking that they be able to use them.

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Smartphones: Mixing Business with Pleasure [McAfee]

Protecting devices that have personal and corporate data on them.

People are 15 times more likely to lose a mobile phone than a laptop, making loss the biggest threat to mobile users. But it’s not hardware replacement costs that pose the greatest risk.

After all, as consumerization and BYO trends take hold in the business world, personal smartphones have become an important tool used by organizations to keep employees connected and productive. Smartphones are increasingly brimming not just with vacation pics and Angry Birds scores but with corporate data.

That means these devices don’t just give employees more freedom to work when, where and how they like. They’re also a potential entry point for abuse and unauthorized access to corporate networks and potentially sensitive information.

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Do You Know Where Your Users Mobile Phones Are? [McAfee]

6 Quick Tips to Help Your Users Improve Mobile Security.

Forget dogs. With more than 4 billion mobile phones in use worldwide, not to mention, tens of millions of tablets, mobile devices are man’s new BFF (Sorry Sparky).

But our best friends are under serious threat, with hackers and scammers finding unprecedented ways to target personal and corporate data. Consider the following mobile statistics:

  • 40% of users say losing their mobile devices would be worse than losing their wallets, yet they often leave them unsupervised or unprotected.
  • More than 50% of smartphone users do not use any password protection to prevent unauthorized access to their device.
  • By 2014, mobile internet use is expected to take over desktop internet use, which could make mobile devices even more attractive to scammers and cybercriminals.

Even though we think of mobile devices as phones, they’re really mini-computers that can be more vulnerable to loss, theft, phishing scams, malware and unsecure networks than the ones sitting on our desks – vulnerability criminals are only too happy to exploit. Also, with many people using their mobile phone for both business and personal, what happens to a personal phone – affects your corporate security!

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