Why more clients will refresh W2K3 servers with Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS for Microsoft Applications

What? A refresh? But servers last longer than ever! That’s true, but unless innovation slows down (ha ha) they will reach an inevitable point where they are more venerable than valuable. In the data center, this means tough and expensive decisions must be made.

In this blog post, I argue for Cisco’s UCS as a stable platform for Microsoft applications. Especially if you’re looking at Microsoft System Server 2012 and especially if you need to migrate from Windows Server 2003.

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If You Aren’t 100% Virtualized, You’re Missing Out

Softchoice at VMWare Partner Exchange 2013

The Softchoice team recently wrapped up the week at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) and one thing was clear: many companies are still lagging behind in their virtualization efforts. In my opinion, this is a big problem. You should be 100% virtualized.

Let start with the why

First (and always first) lets look at dollars. VMware shared a study of a Fortune 100 enterprise they completed with McKinsey & Company. The question that was asked: how much could you save by running your current IT Operations with virtualization and all the modern tools and were not held back by your current legacy systems. The answer? 70% savings in CAPEX and 50% savings in OPEX.

And if that’s not compelling enough, read on for an even more compelling reason you should be 100% virtualized.

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Insights in a cloud-driven world [ SAP ]

Business insights are just a few clicks away with the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer application for iPad and iPhone. Through simple keyword search, navigation and visualization, the app allows you to ask and answer business questions regardless of where you are. Whether you are visiting a customer at a café or in the boardroom, the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer app puts business information at your fingertips.

SAP iPad appInformation the way you like it.

The SAP BusinessObjects Explorer application for the iPad and iPhone provides:

  • Simple and fast access to your business information.
  • A visual display of data so you can get insight at a glance.
  • The ability to share results instantly with others right from your device.

Where will mobile go next?

According to IDC, by 2013 over 1 billion workers worldwide will use mobile technology, accounting for 34.9% of the workforce. That’s why SAP and Sybase, an SAP company, are delivering the most complete mobile solution to the market.

With Afaria, a powerful and flexible mobile device management and security solution, enterprises can provide a single administrative console from which to centrally manage and secure mobile data, applications, and devices.

And with Sybase Unwired Platform, a mobile enterprise application platform, enterprise developers can quickly build applications that connect business data to mobile workers on any device at any time.

You can download the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer app from the iTunes store.