Making the Best of SAP HANA Migration

SAP Hana

Moving to SAP HANA is a lot like moving to a new home. The destination is exciting, but the process of moving isn’t. For most enterprises, migration brings significant difficulties. It’s tempting to just put it off.

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Why you shouldn’t wait to upgrade infrastructure for SAP HANA

 Our expert Greg McDonald talks SAP HANA and IBM Power

SAP has told its customers they have until 2025 to prepare their infrastructure for SAP HANA — the in-memory database and platform, promising to replace traditional environments with 10-1000x faster performance, real-time insight and overall IT simplicity. [Read more…]

Why You Should Consider IBM Power Systems to Run your SAP HANA Environment

Read on to learn why you should consider IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA

SAP HANA is on the cutting edge of in-memory database technology. If you’re an existing SAP user and are looking to migrate to SAP HANA, you should be considering IBM Power to take your SAP HANA infrastructure to the next level.

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