Driving Collaboration in the Digital Office

As Millennials flood the workforce, progressive enterprises are trading the culture of silos for one of collaboration. With today’s hiring managers valuing collaboration as an important skill among entry and mid-level candidates, it is important for companies to continue evolving their workplace collaboration practices in today’s digital marketplace. [Read more…]

Is Samsung Knox the Most Secure Phone?

When deploying mobile devices in the enterprise, IT leaders have to strike a delicate balance between ensuring data security and enabling productivity across their workforce. Too often, I’ve seen the desire to take a conservative security stance lead organizations to adopt a “walled garden” approach to device management, one that leans on strict policies and hampers productivity in the process. [Read more…]

Three Reasons SSDs Improve the productivity of end users!

Read on to discover three reasons NOT to upgrade your laptops and workstations

Laptops and workstations slow down over time. The quantity of applications grows, the newest apps demand yet more I/O, and system performance becomes sluggish. It’s inevitable. But that doesn’t stem the flood of complaints, particularly from those using the performance-intensive software. They won’t tolerate their machines taking half an age to open a program or launch a query.

[Read more…]