What You Need to Know About Visual Communications Technology

Screens. They’re everywhere. It’s an easy way to become “high-tech,” right? Stick up some screens. The bigger the screens, the higher the tech. And the proliferation of screens must be driven by CIOs and Chief Digital Officers, right?

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How to Choose the Right Digital Signage Mounts for Your Project

All digital signage mounts are not created equal.

As with most technologies, there are commercial-grade solutions and then there are budget solutions that may look much the same as the more expensive business-rated gear. Going with a budget option may save money up front, but cost stakeholders more money in the long run.

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Retail Digital Signage: Enhance Storefronts and Attract Customers

Research on storefront displays suggests three-fourths of consumers have gone into a shop or other business based solely on seeing a sign outside, on the building or in a window.

Retail digital signage in store aisles and at display kiosks is an effective marketing and merchandising tool for driving sales and educating shoppers, but there’s also a big role for digital displays in storefront windows.

One of the ways to boost sales, after all, is getting more consumers to come through shop doors.


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