One console does it all – and cuts admin time by up to 90% [HP]

From management of arrays to multi-site replication and automatic disaster recover, managing your storage environment can be complex enough. But leading utility storage provider HP 3PAR just made it astoundingly simpler – and not just for cloud service providers, but for large and mid-size enterprises too.

Now one console does it all, including:

If you’ve spent weeks doing this in the past, you probably won’t believe it but it really is easy. In fact, you can manage your entire storage environment from a single window – including remote replication to 3PAR’s disaster recover site – with the latest version of the HP 3PAR Management Console. Designed to deliver greater simplicity, usability and visibility, it offers a single screen with a dashboard view of all your connected HP 3PAR systems regardless of model, as well as graphical charts and tables representing important system data and remote replication configuration. Everything you need to provision, manage, optimize and protect your utility storage deployment is right at your fingertips. [Read more…]