How to Read an IBR in 5 Minutes or Less

VMworld Blog Series Part 2: How to Read an IBR in 5 Minutes or Less

Surprise! You’ve just authorized an Installed-Base Report (IBR) and the VMware technical expert says you’re behind on VMware licensing renewals, and you’re unsure how to read the massive excel spreadsheet in your inbox. In this post, we quickly explain how to navigate an IBR to get the most important information you need.

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SnS Renewals Explained: Frequently Asked Questions [VMware]

VMware SNS renewals explained: Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series, I explained 5 points to ponder for a smooth renewal process, and discussed what to expect when you call Softchoice about VMware LicensesIn this post, I offer answers to frequently asked questions about VMware SnS renewals and provide lots of choice for SnS support options.

Quick start! I want to…

  • Get answers to very specific questions about VMware Global Support Services (GSS). Please view the 2012 VMware Tech Support Guide.
  • Compare all of my options for VMware General Support offerings. This link allows you to sort by support offerings, support by product and (my personal favorite) a drop down menu with every category and all of your options.
  • Review the VMware, Inc. Support and Subscription Services “SnS” Terms and Conditions.