Why Symantec calls Backup Exec 3600 R3 their fastest appliance

Symantec 3600 R3 fastest appliance

Symantec has quietly released the third generation of their backup appliance called the 3600R3. Symantec has long held the spot of industry leader for backup software. Find out why some clients prefer to simplify their security with a more reliable hardware appliance instead.
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Backup that won’t break the bank [EMC]

Backups are data insurance. Real-world insurance policies protect your home, car, and health from financial disaster. Likewise, data backups protect all your organization’s information. Both only kick in after a tragedy and can cost A LOT. They also both come with challenges when it comes to the process, and can leave you wondering why you invested in it in the first place!

 Some of the common back-up and recovery challenges include:

  • IT admin time is in short supply and cannot be spared in managing unreliable backup and recovery processes.
  • Space is used by unnecessary multiple copies of the same files being backed up.
  • Different processes may be used to protect virtualized and physical servers.
  • There are a range of recovery speed requirements based on the criticality of the data to the business.
  • Data in remote/home offices or mobile devices can fall outside the reach of central datacenter protection.
  • If using tape, it costs time and money to move and mishandling of tapes can cause damage.

If you are a small to midsize enterprise you may have just given up on addressing these challenges, since the solutions have always come at way too high of a cost. Until now.

Just imagine what it would be like if…

  • Meeting your backup window was never an issue
  • You could recover data in just a fraction of the time
  • You could make your organization more productive
  • And if you didn’t have to work all those nights and weekends

 The new EMC Data Domain DD160 now makes this possible for small to mid-size enterprises. In fact, IDC interviewed 10 organizations that deployed similar solutions from EMC and found that, on average, these organizations reduced backup times from 11 hours to 3hrs, reduced restore times from 17 hours to 2 hours, and spent significantly less time on tedious and reactive tasks.  And to top it off they achieved a 7 month payback period.

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With immediate business impact that can pay for itself in less than a year, this solution is definitely worth considering. [Read more…]

Winning storage: Turning the spotlight on storage virtualization [IBM]

Charlie Sheen picture

You might say storage virtualization is the Emilio Estevez of enterprise IT. It’s at least as capable as its brother, server virtualization, a.k.a. Charlie Sheen, plus it may be easier to work with and offer more value for the money, yet server virtualization somehow manages to hog all the attention.


Well, it might finally be Emilio’s—I mean, Storage Virtualization’s time to bask in the spotlight. What’s changed? The down economy, for starters. In this healing time, any approach that can help offset capital costs is welcome news to continually budget-strapped IT departments. And more and more IT pros are asking themselves “hey, if I can get economies of scale by virtualizing my servers, why can’t I get the same savings by doing the same to my storage?” [Read more…]