Crashing open the doors to scalability with VSAN 6.2

vSAN 6.0 Softchoice software defined datacenter

What if I told you there is a radical new way to break through traditional IT walls with a bold, flexible, yet easy enterprise-level storage? AND you’re not tied into a single proprietary appliance or hardware vendor…

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3 biggest storage problems with VDI (and how to solve them)

3 biggest storage problems with VDI

In this blog post, I will explain why most VDI projects fail due to the 3 biggest storage problems with VDI and offer tools to solve them so you can avoid using the hashtag #VDIFail in your next angry tweet.

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Why Symantec calls Backup Exec 3600 R3 their fastest appliance

Symantec 3600 R3 fastest appliance

Symantec has quietly released the third generation of their backup appliance called the 3600R3. Symantec has long held the spot of industry leader for backup software. Find out why some clients prefer to simplify their security with a more reliable hardware appliance instead.
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