How Clever SMB’s Deal With The Storage And Backup Challenges of BYOD [Quantum]

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is buzzing in every CIO and IT manager’s thoughts these days. When managed correctly, BYOD can increase staff productivity, improve file-sharing, and make employees happier. However, IT admins are increasingly troubled by the potential impacts that adding more devices will have on already-burdened enterprise storage and backup.

What does this mean for SMBs?

Although SMBs can make changes more flexibly, they are not immune to the challenges BYOD presents. To learn more about these challenges, check out our infographic on The Path to Better BYOD.  The reality is that as data volumes grow, budgets do not. Storage and backup are often caught in the middle of a battle between choosing high efficiency or low cost solutions.

Typically, SMBs choose low-cost NAS solutions that cause the following issues: [Read more…]

Storage Magazine’s 2011 Backup Hardware Product Of The Year [Quantum]

With the onset of virtualization and its increasing adoption, companies face the challenge of overhauling the infrastructure that supports their virtual environment. Amidst the chaos and change, have you thought about how this affects your data protection solution?

When it comes to data protection, the goal always remains the same: ensure backup and restore capabilities holistically for all server instances as well as a structure for individual recovery. Paired with a virtualization strategy, the challenge of virtualizing your existing environments shifts to the challenge of virtualizing your existing environments while keeping the interoperability of the disaster recovery solution you already have.

It doesn’t have to be complex if you stick to these bottom lines with vmPRO 4000, Storage Magazine’s backup hardware product of the year (2011). [Read more…]

On demand scalability, simpler management and more. [Quantum]

Now Quantum offers you even more reasons to love tape backup.

Once upon a time, small and midsized organizations chose tape backup or stuck with it not because they loved tape – it was often unreliable and complicated to use – but simply because it was more affordable than disk.

 But Quantum’s intelligent tape libraries – like its new Scalar i40 and i80 solutions – are changing the game with features that make today’s tape drives highly reliable, scalable, easy to use and quick to manage, particularly for entry-level and midrange storage environments. In other words, now you can choose tape because it’s not just cheaper, it’s pretty darn effective too.

 Capacity when you need it with on-demand scalability.

Your may know how much capacity your organization needs today but things understandably get murkier when you have to plan two or three years out. Quantum has solved that challenge and made keeping up with data growth simpler, with its capacity on demand (COD) feature. A Scalar i40, for instance, can grow from 25 slots to 40 via a simple license key code. The library is shipped with all slots included but only the designated 25 are turned on. As your capacity needs grow, you can simply purchase a license key code from Softchoice, enter it into an easy setup wizard and presto – more capacity in seconds. With Quantum’s COD feature, you only pay for the capacity you need today and worry about tomorrow’s needs tomorrow.

 Best-in-class iLayer management and monitoring saves time.

Quantum has also made tape simpler than ever to use thanks to its advanced iLayer software, full integrated into both its Scalar i40 and i80 libraries. iLayer leverages 30 years of Quantum expertise to give its tape libraries disk-like management features that boost backup reliability, reduce service calls, speed up issue resolution and lower operation expenses. [Read more…]