Is Flex System your Shortcut to Convergence? [IBM]

Is FlexSystem your shortcut to convergence?

Unless your infrastructure is already standardized on IBM, choosing a solution like IBM Pure Systems may seem like a daunting, expensive rip-and-replace decisions. In a recent 8 page white paper, A Comparison of IBM’s New Flex System Environment to Traditional Blade Architectures, IT analyst firm Clabby Analytics compares IBM’s Flex System to its biggest rival – blade architecture.

In this post, the first in a 2-part series, we’ll examine their findings, introduce you to Flex System and answer the most frequently asked questions we hear from customers.

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IBM’s Frank Morassutti on Server Virtualization’s Spread into the Data Center

IBM’s Frank Morassutti On Sever Virtualization’s Spread Into The Data Center

IBM’s Top Gun Frank Morassutti recently visited Softchoice, and we had a chance to sit down with him and discuss the data center trends, server commoditization, server virtualization and how IBM’s System X solution fits into the picture.

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