The State of Cloud Readiness: Where Do IT Leaders Go Wrong?

IT leaders lost in the cloud

In 2006, Amazon launched Elastic Compute Cloud – widely considered to be the first cloud service on the market. Since then, we’ve heard plenty of conversations about the opportunities of cloud computing. But more than a decade later, cloud migration continues to be a source of anxiety for IT leaders. [Read more…]

5 Ways you Could be Misunderstanding Cloud Usage and Costs

Before beginning your cloud journey, it’s important to recognize the impact that cloud usage and costs will have on your ultimate success.

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Making Hybrid IT a Reality in 2017

Making Hybrid IT a Reality in 2017

Traditional IT – while continuing to innovate and bring new technology to the business – is not able to keep up with the rapid pace of change and innovation happening within the business. As a result, organizations are searching beyond traditional IT for new ways to increase agility, improve time to market, and more flexible consumption models that reduce the risk associated with large capital investments.

According to a recent Softchoice study of 1500 end users, 1-in-3 users have downloaded a cloud application without letting their IT department know and the majority don’t understand the risks. [Read more…]