Cut revenue cycles by 500 per cent with eSignature technology [Adobe]


Getting a contract signed manually is expensive, inefficient and lengthens revenue cycles — resulting in thousands or even millions of dollars in lost revenue. Other pain points include waiting on payments, filing and storage issues, and lack of line of sight between sales and operations.

Faxing has become an archaic practice (and is usually inefficient, resulting in multiple faxes of the same document). Being able to sign and email contracts is more user-friendly and provides electronic line of sight into business processes — increasingly important to a mobile workforce.

eSignature technology helps to address these pain points — it’s easy for end-users to adopt, doesn’t require IT resources to get it installed onto devices, is secure and can demonstrate a return-on-investment for the organization.

So what exactly is eSignature? [Read more…]

Time to move to Acrobat X? [Adobe]

If you’ve been considering a move to Adobe Acrobat X, now might be a good time to review your options. As of Nov. 3, Adobe Acrobat 8 (which launched back in November 2006) is no longer being supported — not to mention, the latest version has a lot of cool features that can help your users share and collaborate.

No matter what kind of shop you are, Acrobat X allows users to open and view any PDF file regardless of which operating system you’re running, with support for a variety of content including drawings, videos, email messages and spreadsheets. That means your team can still collaborate, even if some are on Macs and others are on Windows-based PCs.

They can also create PDF documents from pretty much any application that prints, and even scan paper documents into PDFs with optical character recognition technology. And, for CAD users, Acrobat X allows them to interact with CAD designs and geospatial maps that have been converted to PDF documents. [Read more…]