IBM PureFlex is fast: Get revved up over speedy new way to upgrade [IBM]

Picture all of the parts that make up your IT foundation. Much like an automobile, each year manufacturers produce new models and update parts to make the latest data center faster and more efficient than the last. Preparing your car for the open highway is much like updating your IT foundation: there are many interacting parts to consider, and while you pore over the best map, the odometer ticks.

An IT assessment of your infrastructure can help you decide which parts to replace and which parts can stay.

IBM PureFlex is a factory-integrated and optimized set of hardware. It allows you to build your system infrastructure with integrated management, automation and optimization expertise built in. PureFlex is part of PureSystems, a new family of converged infrastructure products from IBM.

PureFlex comes in three pre-configured set ups or a built-to-order set up. A pre-configured infrastructure is like driving a brand new car off the lot. A built-to-order infrastructure is like dropping new parts and a bossy new powertrain into the car you already have. Regardless, if you want a rip-and-replace infrastructure or simply hardware upgrades, PureFlex manages all of the new hardware and integrates nicely with old hardware.PureFlex can come with hardware that is preconfigured for auto provisioning and scalability, so you know you’re setting up a solid private Cloud foundation for when you’re ready to make the move.

Under the hood of PureFlex

On a technical level, it’s codified best practices for presetting configuration options by type of selected web application (e.g. high availability, high security, etc.). On a simple level, it’s a pre-configured IT infrastructure. [Read more…]

Better Processors Optimizing the Data Center [Intel]

Over the next five years, a billion more people will be using the internet with an estimated 15 billion connected devices and untold more visual and interactive content, increasing the internet’s data footprint to over 1,000 Exabytes – or (get used to hearing this term a lot more) – 1 Zettabyte.

This trifecta of more users, more devices and more data will inevitably escalate demands on IT and data centers, posing some daunting infrastructure challenges in terms of performance, efficiency and cost.

Wanted: more powerful and integrated engines.

And that means that, at the heart of the next-generation data center and everything related to it – from enterprise infrastructure to workstations to cloud installations, storage systems and high performance computing that will be expected to “just work” – will have to be more flexible, powerful engines to keep things humming. [Read more…]

Re-packaging your apps to virtualize them doesn’t have to be painful [Flexera]

Perhaps you’ve decided to go down the path of application virtualization, because you’re looking to have the ability to provision applications within minutes. Or perhaps you’re looking to free your applications from the underlying hardware, enabling agility not available in the physical computing world. Or you’re looking to improve quality of service by allowing applications to scale up or down on demand. Or it’s part of your disaster recovery strategy.

But no matter which virtualization platform you’re using, you will likely be facing these questions: Is it going to work? Do I have to waste all the investments I made to package my apps? How do I get my applications ready in Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp and Citrix XenApp? And how long will this take?

Fortunately, there are tools available that can make this process much easier. Flexera’s AdminStudio Virtualization Pack, for example, prepares software for application virtualization deployment with a suite of tools spanning suitability testing, automated conversion and validation. And, this automated process is up to nine times faster than using native tools.

AdminStudio can convert multiple MSIs and legacy installers to the leading virtual formats, including Microsoft, VMware and Citrix (and it supports multiple formats in one tool). It then automatically determines which setups need to be repackaged and which can be virtualized without repackaging.

It also automatically runs tests on an application to see whether it’s suitable for conversion and deployment as a virtual application, eliminating the more time-consuming and painstaking trial and error approach.

 The benefits of AdminStudio vary depending on the type of environment you have. [Read more…]