Everything You Need To Know About Deep Packet Inspection

Everything You Need To Know About Deep Packet Inspection

In our recent post How to Guard Against The #1 Productivity Killer In Workplaces, we introduced a topic that’s near and dear to the heart of any IT manager or system administrator: Network Performance issues. We also discussed why Softchoice likes SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, the solution to this problem.

We also introduced you to Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), a technology used to capture and analyze network packets as they pass through routers and other devices on your network, filtering the data to give you deeper information about the status of your network on a moment-to-moment basis.

How do you configure Deep Packet Inspection (and why is it important?)

Softchoice has you covered! Watch SolarWinds Lab video #16, where the geeks reveal all the details of how DPI is integrated in NPM, what it measures and of course, how to configure it for both spanning and individual server data collection.

If you’re interested in learning more about Deep Packet Inspect and its analysis or would like a quick demo, connect with the Softchoice SolarWinds team.

IBM N-Series is end of life. The good news, and the bad news


Many of our clients have reached out to us to discuss the dissolution of the IBM N-series Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) relationship with NetApp, a partnership that dates back to 2005. Mostly they’re asking us a lot of questions about how these changes affect existing N-series arrays support contracts, the ability to add additional disk capacity in the short term, and ongoing maintenance contract support in the future. We’ve been involved with this partnership from day one, and have shared the following good (and bad news).

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10 things you need to know about onCommand Storage Management [NetApp]

Migrating from a physical to a virtual environment can be a pain in the infrastructure. Fortunately, NetApp OnCommand System Manager and OnCommand Balance (formerly Akorri BalancePoint) can help you manage your virtual environment and optimize VMware performance. System Manager provides simple, yet powerful out-of-the-box management of NetApp storage systems while Balance enables administrators to troubleshoot performance issues.

What makes NetApp OnCommand different? Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about OnCommand:

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