Start Saving Serious Cash On Your Printing Costs [HP]

Start Saving Serious Money

If only that old multi-function printer down the hall could be used to print money – legally speaking of course – maybe we’d pay a bit closer attention to how it contributes to the bottom line.

But as it stands, most organizations under-value the impact printing, scanning, copying and faxing has on their finances. Perhaps because managing these environments can quickly get complicated, many organizations aren’t fully aware of what they are actually spending, or whether their workforce is using that hardware efficiently or properly.

Continue reading to see how much you can save on your print fleet.

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In a Mobile Organization,There’s No Room For Mobile Chaos (UPDATED Nov 2012) [RIM]

Blackberry® Mobile Fusion unifies and simplifies mobile device management.

For a little while there it looked like the soup of mobile devices whirling around the average office — personal and corporate smartphones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, netbooks, even gaming devices – might push IT over the edge. After all if the folks in IT can’t effectively ensure the devices employees are using are safe and if they can’t manage those devices on their organization’s network with relative ease, there’s a good chance any semblance of order might quickly turn to chaos.

Luckily a hero has arrived to help save the day – or least help IT bolster its organizations’ mobile device strategy – in a secure and cost-effective way. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is a new generation of universal mobile device management that enables IT to provision, audit and protect BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, as well as Apple iOS and Google Android devices all from a single, unified web-based interface. Think of it as the flexible backbone of an organization’s mobility management strategy.

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Free eBook: Become a master…of your virtualized infrastructure [VMware]

Managing a virtualized environment to achieve agility, flexibility and availability, without losing control, requires solutions designed specifically for dynamic virtualized and cloud environments. Virtualization and cloud management solutions provide increased levels of automation and policy-based service assurance at every layer of a modern IT architecture. This automated, intelligent, policy-driven management is an intrinsic part of introducing high service levels to the business, while keeping costs and complexity under control.

With the move to cloud computing challenges such as expanding virtualized infrastructure, virtual servers and the complexity of virtualized applications, are always on the rise.  Traditional tools and processes designed for siloed, static physical infrastructures don’t provide the automation and control needed to effectively manage highly virtualized and private cloud environments.

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